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Original work (story) by Hajime Yadate | Manga art by Ryuuichi Hoshino

The following summaries are all from Sorakun's website.
The scans are all provided by the ever resourceful Delphine Dubois.
(Though you'll often find me calling her by "Delphine-sama" here on my site. She's so cool.)
All I did was thumbnail the pics, put them on my site along with the summaries for us all to enjoy. ^_^

Volume 1
Page 1
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The first insert
Inside Front Sleeve: Arago, the wicked demon king, is starting an invasion
in the human world. Only five legendary armored warriors, the Samurai Troopers,
are able to oppose the might of these wicked corps! Now, a new legend has begun!!
The long awaited first volume!

The full cover
Original - Yatate Hajime
Manga - Hoshino Ryuuichi
Volume 1

The second insert
Inside Back Sleeve: (Sorakun - I?m pretty sure this is the manga author, Hoshino Ryuuichi,
but I could be wrong, since I can?t really tell from his signature. In this
little SD pic, he?s got green hair and he?s wearing a headband with the
five trooper virtues on them. He?s also holding a pen and a paper origami hat.)
*From the writer to you*
I?m sorry I kept you all waiting on the completion of the first volume of
"Yoroiden Samurai Troopers". The reading from the legend and the five
armored warriors participation I definitely need assistance on!! (basically ? Read
the manga, I need money.) Your thoughts and comments would certainly help!

Original - Yatate Hajime
Manga - Hoshino Ryuuichi
Volume 1
(C) 1988 Sunrise and Nagoya TV

The table of contents is on the right page.
Arago appears over Shinjuku, Tokyo and begins his raid on the Ningenkai (Earth).

| * | | *

In Mt. Fuji, we are introduced to Ryou, (who has probably lived in the vicinity
for quite a while) who, with his tiger companion, Byakuen, is trying to get out
because a demon has possessed the volcano and it looks as though it is going to explode.

We also meet Shuu, Nasuti, and Jun, who have come to
Mt. Fuji to look for another of the Samurai Troopers.

Ryou and Byakuen meet up with them and Ryo explains who he is and that
there are Youja in the area. (It appears as though Ryou has taken his
place in his famed Ninja clan, much unlike the anime, where we are told
that Ryou's father has left the clan.)

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